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Ploos van Amstel - naast de avant-garde
(Ploos van Amstel - next to the avant-garde)

Jan van Adrichem, 144 pages, full color, illustrated, photo's.  Hardcover, linnen, 21x23 cm. Waanders Uitgevers, Zwolle, 2016. ISBN 978 94 6262 107 7.




P.F. Thomése (text), Ploos van Amstel (drawing). Signed by Ploos and Thomése, numbered edition of 150 copies. Typeset and printed by hand, by Nop Maas, Uitgeverij De Korenmaat. Published by the Friends of the Bavo Church Haarlem, 2015.



Les Halles, de buik van Parijs
(The Halles, the belly of Paris)

Ploos van Amstel (drawings), Emile Zola (text). Numbered edition of 75 copies, signed by Ploos. Published by the Jaap Ploos van Amstel Foundation, 2015.



Rare Vogels
(Weird Birds)

Ploos van Amstel (drawings), P.F. Thomése (text). 48 pag., full color, soft cover. Signed by author and artist, numbered edition of 250 copies. Published by Kunstcentrum Haarlem, 2012



Wilhelmina Monumentaal
(Monumental Wilhelmina)

2 parts: collection of Museum Beelden aan Zee, and the 1987 book. 68 pag., illustrated, photo's. Uitgeverij TienStuks, 2009. ISBN 978 90 7602 800 0

Ploos van Amstel

F. Duister et al.; 144 pag., illustrated, photo's. Hardcover, linnen. Published by Uitgeverij Waanders, 2008. ISBN 97890 40084737

Ploos van Amstel schilderijen, aquarellen, tekeningen
(paintings, watercolours, drawings)

C. Straus, Ploos van Amstel; 48 pag., illustrated, photo's. Published by Ploos van Amstel, 1992.

Haarlemmers - Ploos van Amstel

Christilde Klein; nr. 11 in the series 'artists from Haarlem'; 12 pag., illustrated, photo's. Published by Frans Hals Museum, 1988.

Wilhelmina Monumentaal
(Monumental Wilhelmina)

André Kraayenga, Marijn de Koning, Ploos van Amstel; 40 pag., illustrated, photo's. Published by Uitgeverij Waanders, 1987.

De Figuratieven - catalogus van een tentoonstelling in estafettevorm 
(The Figuratives - catalogue for an exhibition in relay form)

Ton van Steenbergen (editor), Floris Ploos van Amstel (concept and design); 60 pag., illus., full color. Published by Pulchri Studio, 2015.



Een teken van inspiratie - Nederlandse Kring van Tekenaars
(A sign of inspiration - Dutch Drawing Circle)

F. Tollenaar (ed.); 248 pag., illustrated, photo's. Published by Uitgeverij Tienstuks, 2009. ISBN 978 90 8860 030 2

Henrick Ploos van Amstel & Nicolaes Heinsius - Brieven 1635 - 1637
(Letters 1635 - 1637)

Hans Kristian Ploos van Amstel (ed.), Frank Tichelman (transl.), Ploos van Amstel (title page lithograph). Published by Avalon Pers, Woubrugge, 2007

Een kring vol water - 60 jaar Hollandse Aquarellistenkring
(A circle of water - 60 years Dutch Watercolourists Circle)

Henri de Haas a.o.; 48 pag., illustrated, photo's. Published by Hollandse Aquarellistenkring, 2005.

Was getekend, Den Haag - Den Haag door kunstenaarsogen, 1890-2005
(Signed, The Hague - The Hague seen through artists' eyes 1890-2005)

D. Brongers & W. Vader; 112 pag., illustrated, photo's. Published by Die Haghe, 2005

Aquarelleren In Nederland - zoeken naar het licht
(Watercolouring in the Netherlands - searching for the light)

Laurent Félix-Faure; 160 pag., illustrated, photo's. Published by Uitgeverij Thoth, 2003.

De lokroep van de zee
50 jaar Ned. Vereniging van Zeeschilders
(The lure of the sea - 50 years Dutch Maritime Painters Association)

G. Boven, P. de Rijcke; 133 pag., geïll, photo's. Published by De Doelenpers, 2003.

Kunstenaars In Artis
(Artists in Artis Amsterdam Zoo)

Frank van der Velden, e.a.; 80 pag., illustrated, photo's; exhibition catalogue. Published by Teylers Museum, 2001.

Nederlandse Figuratieve Kunst na '45
dl. III De Losgezongen Toets
(Dutch figurative art after 1945,
part III - the liberated touch)

Joan Vleeskens (red.); 120 pag., ill. photo's. Published by Museum De Buitenplaats, 1998.

Over de aquarellist en de aquarel
50 jaar Hollandse Aquarellistenkring
(About the watercolourist and the watercolour
50 yearsDutch Circle of Watercolourists)

H. van Rheeden a.o.; 72 pag., ill., photo's. Published by Hollandse Aquarellistenkring, 1995.

Kunstzaken - 23 Nederlandse bedrijfscollecties
(Artbusiness - 23 Dutch corporate collections)

B. Kempers, E. Hermida, a.o.; 186 pag., illustrated, photo's. Published by SDU, 1988.

Nederlandse grafiek na 1945
(Dutch printmaking after 1945)

J.N. van Wessem; 121 pag., ill., photo's. Published by Uitgeverij C. de Boer, 1964.

A close personal friend of Jaap Ploos van Amstel was illustrator Jan Sanders (1919-2000). They met as students at the Academy in Amsterdam. Sanders was Ploos van Amstel's best man at his wedding in 1961. In 1982 the idea came up of publishing a book with free work of Jan Sanders, which resulted in this title published in 1984:

Jan Sanders' Schetsboek
(Jan Sanders' sketchbook)

Jan Sanders (drawings), Jaap Ploos van Amstel (intr. and editing); 50 pag., illustrated. Published by Van Dobbenburgh, 1984.

Jaap Ploos van Amstel was involved with the research project examaning the printing methods and reproduction techniques invented and applied by the 18th century art collector Cornelis Ploos van Amstel. Life and works of Cornelis Ploos van Amstel, including the outcome of the research project, have been documented in 2 books.

Cornelis Ploos van Amstel - Kunstverzamelaar en prentuitgever
(Cornelis Ploos van Amstel - Artcollector and printpublisher)

Th. Laurentius, Dr. J.W. Niemeijer, Jhr. G. Ploos van Amstel ; 392 pag., ill., photo's, tek. Published by Van Gorcum & Co, 1980.

Cornelis Ploos van Amstel - Portret van een koopman en uitvinder
(Cornelis Ploos van Amstel - Portrait of a merchant and inventor)

Jhr. G. Ploos van Amstel ; 204 pag., ill., photo's, tek. Published by Van Gorcum & Co, 1980.

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