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news and old news




a few words of gratitude



Dear friends, colleagues, others,


I would like to express my gratitude for the overwhelming amount of expressions of sympathy, in word and writing, that I received after the death of my father Jaap.


My father meant a lot to many people, that has become very clear to me. What struck me was that according to the reactions he was the same person in his actions and words regardless of the circumstances or the person. His love for art and his interest in the work of colleagues, regardless of whether they were strangers, experts in the field, students or teachers, played a central role in this.


Many of you will soon receive or have already received a thank you card from me; unfortunately I don't have everyone's postal address, which is why I also wish to express my gratitude through this message.


Ploos van Amstel in his studio with dog Laika, 2016
Photo Dorte Hopmans, Amsterdam
(c) Stichting Jaap Ploos van Amstel


Finally, a remark of a different nature. I believe, supported by the professional opinion of several people, that the interest in my fathers work will not diminish with his passing. And since I am very fond of his work myself, I want to continue to facilitate that interest, through cataloguing, a new website, and perhaps through new exhibitions. Therefore, if you have any questions about his work in any capacity, I'd love to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

(Floris Ploos van Amstel)




jaap ploos van amstel has passed away



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behind glass



Recently, Jaap Ploos van Amstel's attention was drawn to an exceptional work by his hand, namely a glass painting from the 1990s.


In 1996 Willem Snitker, visual artist and the man behind the gallery De Bleeker in Heemstde, and art collectors Paul and Janny Brinkman started a unique project. The Brinkman couple had built up a considerable collection of glass paintings, a medium that had hardly been used in the Netherlands since the nineteenth century. Together with Snitker, they organized a major exhibition in the cultural center of the Oude Slot Heemstede, for which they had asked many Dutch artists to make a contribution on or behind glass.


'Stokrozen' ('Hollyhock') - Ploos van Amstel, 1996. Oilpaint behind glass, 70x60 cm
Photo courtesy of Galerie Nieuw Schoten, Haarlem



In addition to Snitker and Ploos van Amstel, works were commissioned to Siep van den Berg, Kees Bierman, Margreet Bouman, Johan Breuker, Rob Clous, Maya van Hall, Jeroen Henneman, Jaap Hillenius, Hugo Kaagman, Fon Klement, Cyril Lixenberg, Sam Middleton, Eric de Nie, Michel van Overbeeke, Nono Reinhold, Jörg Remé, Ronald Ruseler, Jan Sierhuis, Willeke van Tijn, Gerbrand Volger and Piet Warffemius. A book entitled 'Achter glas' ('Behind glass') was also published to accompany the exhibition, in which all the works are depicted.


Ploos van Amstel's work consists of multiple glass plates painted on the back and with a black background, creating a strong effect of depth and three-dimensionality. The painting has recently been offered by the Galerie Nieuw-Schoten art dealership in Haarlem, where it can also be seen (by appointment).


'‘Achter glas’
Catalogue accompanying a joint exhibition of galerie de Bleeker and Cultureel Centrum het Oude Slot Heemstede van 7/12/1996 tot 19/1/1997.
Text: Paul Brinkman
Editors: Willem Snitker and Juliska Kok
ISBN 90-75209-05-3





jaap ploos van amstel 95 years!



Jaap Ploos van Amstel has succeeded in reaching the age of 95, and all that in good health! And to celebrate this, Museum Henriette Polak has come up with a very nice birthday congratulation.



Ploos van Amstel in his studio, 2016.
Photo Dorte Hopmans (c) 2016-2021



In the coming months (until March 20, 2022) the museum will be showing a selection of works by Ploos van Amstel from their collection, supplemented by several loans, including a recent portrait by Wendelien Schönfeld.


The work of Ploos van Amstel has been represented in the museum's collection from the very beginning. Mrs. Polak herself and Joop Sjollema, her good friend and artistic advisor, visited his studio when the foundations of the collection were being formed, and bought a few works. Later on, the museum also acquired work from the estate of Jeanne Bieruma Oosting, as well as after a donation by Ploos van Amstel.


For more information, see the exhibitions page of this website.





the museums will hopefully open again...



It is expected that the Dutch museums will be opened to the public after the current lockdown.



This also means that the exhibitions with works by Jaap Ploos van Amstel (see also the page shows on this website) can be visited, after booking a timed ticket. The exhibitions at Frans Hals Museum and at Museum Henriette Polak have been extended,



Room at Frans Hals Museum, location Hal, with 'Kitefestival' by Jaap Ploos van Amstel, and in the background a pastel by Jacobus van Looy (1855-1930) and a sculpture by Jan Bronner (1881-1972)
Photo Gert Jan van Rooij (c) 2020



For more information and for booking a timed ticket, visit the websites of the Frans Hals Museum, Museum Henriette Polak, and Zandvoorts Museum.





haarlems dagblad about exhibition at galerie kruis-weg68



November 18th, newspaper Haarlems Dagblad published a very nice article, written by Leontien van Engelen, about the current exhibition of Ploos van Amstel and Wim Borst.



Cube Series, by Wim Borst, 17x17x8 cm, (4 parts), porselain, 2020


Click here for the article (in Dutch) on the website of Haarlems Dagblad (subscribers only) or click here for an image of the article.





two new books



Two books have recently been released that include works by Ploos van Amstel.


First of all, the book Water Paint. The book, which was published on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Dutch Circle of Watercolourists, is both an image essay and an anthology of the work of the members of the Circle. With a text by Tonnus Oosterhoff, and an essay on the history of the Circle by Sipke Huismans.





This very atrractively designed publication (Dutch only), 262 pages, 235x165 mm, hardcover, costs 30 Euro, and is available at, the website of publisher Lecturis, and at any bookstore. ISBN 9789462263871


Also hot from the press, the catalog accompanying the exhibition Mag Het Ook Mooi ZIjn ? - the major autumn exhibition of the Frans Hals Museum, location Hal. The book contains an essay by Antoon Erftemeijer, curator of modern art at the Frans Hals Museum, as well as 60 color images of exhibited works, and brief biographical sketches of the 25 artists on display. This beautiful and handy edition, 84 pages, 210x210 mm, softcover, costs only 5 Euro, and is available at both locations of the Frans Hals Museum.





It can also be ordered through us, for 9 Euro (5 Euro + 4 Euro postage), by clicking here or by sending an e-mail to Pick up in Haarlem is also possible.




the 1963 sao paolo biennial



Recently Ploos van Amstel was approached by someone who had inherited an oil painting from his hand from the early 1960s. The label on the back showed that this was one of the works shown at the 1963 Bienal de Sao Paolo.



Ploos van Amstel 'Tuin in de winter' ('Garden in the winter'), oil on canvas, 75 x 90 cm, private collection



The Dutch entry to the Bienal was chosen by Prof. Nico Vroom (1915-1995), then director of the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. In all likelihood this was partly due to exhibitions by Ploos van Amstel in Bergen Artist Center or at Galerie Magdalene Sothmann in Amsterdam.





It is not yet possible to determine whether the work - number 31 in the catalog - returned to the Netherlands immediately after the Bienal. It is possible that it was bought at Galerie Magdalene Sothman, but there is also a chance that the grandparents of the current owner bought the work in Brazil, and that it returned to the Netherlands only years later.



The painting is in excellent condition, and may at some point in the future be exhibited once again.





change of dates



From October 5 to December 29, 2019, the exhibition 'Nature Drawn' can be seen in Kasteel Groeneveld, with work by members of the Dutch Drawing Circle. Unfortunately, a previously sent invitation provided an incorrect date for the opening.




You are hereby invited for the opening of this show on Saturday October 5, 2019, at 3:00 PM (and not Sunday).




the armando collection in museum chabot



From September 19, 2019 to March 1, 2020, the exhibition "I just feel at home here", a complete overview of Armando's private collection (1929-2018), can be seen in the Chabot Museum in Rotterdam. The Chabot Museum received this extensive collection as a gift in 2014.





The collection - and this exhibition - also contains a drawing by Ploos van Amstel, purchased by Armando in the 1970s.



In addition, a work by another Ploos van Amstel can be seen at this exhibition, namely Han Ploos van Amstel (1926-2004). Han, a distant relative of Jaap through a shared ancestor in the first half of the 19th century, was mentally challenged, and after his 60th birthday started drawing at the daytime activities center, mainly large sheets of paper with rows of cars. His work has a strong reputation within the so-called Outsider Art and is represented in several national and international collections.




schenking aan de provincie noord-holland



One of the beautiful historic rooms of Paviljoen Welgelegen, the former palace of Louis Napoleon, and now the seat of the Province of North Holland, was the backdrop for the donation to the Province of a painting by Ploos van Amstel, entitled 'Laocoön and the Flea field '. The painting depicts a view from the palace with the sculpture by Righetti, and the so called Flea Field, part of the gardens of the palace.



'Ploos van Amstel 'Laocoön and the Flea field', oil on canvas, 90 x 120 cm



In the company of, among others, son Floris Ploos van Amstel, the Haarlem silversmith and collector Daan Brouwer, and Simone Memel, curator of the art collection of the Province of North Holland, the King's Commissioner Arthur van Dijk unveiled the painting by Ploos van Amstel.



Ploos van Amstel and the King's Commissioner Arthur van Dijk



The Province of Noord-Holland already has several works by Ploos van Amstel in its collection, a relationship dating back to the 1960s, which has also led to several large exhibitions of Ploos van Amstel in the palace. Simone Memel was made aware of this particular work earlier this year by Daan Brouwer, which resulted in the donation.


During the Open Monument Days, September 14 and 15, the painting will be on display in the main hall of the building, which is open to the public between 11 AM and 5 PM.




ploos van amstel in teylers museum and in the maritime museum



Several works by Ploos van Amstel can be seen on the Acquisition Wall of Teylers Museum from July 23rd to October 8th 2019. This selection of drawings and watercolors was part of the donation Ploos van Amstel made to Teylers Museum in November 2016, on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday. Extended until December 1, 2019




In the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam, the exhibition 'Window on the harbor', which can be seen until the end of May 2020, includes an oil painting by Ploos van Amstel. It is a work from his series Nieuwe Waterweg, the time-honored 'working area' of shipping company Spido that this very nice exhibition is about.




a stimulating ‘salon’ in spaarndam



On Saturday 17 November, the so-called ‘salon’ took place in the beautiful Old Church in Spaarndam at the Ploos van Amstel exhibition in Kunstcentrum De Kolk.



The very beautiful Old Church of Spaarndam, built in 1627, where Frans Hals married



After an introduction by curator Johanna van Steen, Ploos van Amstel gave a concise reading, built around what he himself described as "a grab bag of collected quotes", about art and art appreciation, a lecture that was described as stimulating by Haarlems Dagblad .


In addition, there was also a beautiful performance by pianist, organist (and neighbor!) Gerrie Meijers (in this video, a performance in 2009) , who performed five variations on the piano by Toon Hagen, interspersed with poems by a.o. Hanny Michaelis recited by Johanna van Steen.


The text of the lecture, in Dutch, can be read or downloaded here




opening 'land' in spaarndam



On 3 March, the opening of the exhibition 'Land', which can be seen in Kunstcentrum De Kolk, took place in the Oude Kerk in Spaarndam. Guest curator Harry Swaak from Castellum Aquae chose the Haarlem artists Alice Brasser, Helmut van Galen, and Ronald Ruseler.



Pictured: works by Brasser, Van Galen, Ruseler. Photo Ploos van Amstel: Betty van Galen



The exhibition was opened by Jaap Ploos van Amstel, former teacher of Van Galen and Ruseler. The exhibition can still be seen until March 25th, on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 PM to 5 PM, as well as by appointment. For more information, visit the website of KC De Kolk .


The text of the opening word, in Dutch, can be read or downloaded here




debut of a new subject



At the exhibition of the Dutch Drawing Circle in Laren (for more information, click here) a new series of drawings by Ploos van Amstel will be shown for the first time: racing cars


This subject started for Ploos van Amstel in 2017. He visited several racing teams and the Louwman Museum in The Hague.


The first team he visited, was the historic team Equipe Jaronn in Beverwijk, run by Randall Lawson, owner of Autopassion, who has built up a magnificent collection of classic monopostos, such as the Martini Mk 12 Formula 3 car from 1973, which was driven by Jacques Laffite.



Jaap Ploos van Amstel in the beautiful workshop of Equipe Jaronn



A month later, a visit was made to a modern racing team, Van Amersfoort Racing in Dronten. Van Amersfoort can rightly be called an international top team. Coming out with 3 cars in Formula 3 and 3 cars in Formula 4, Van Amersfoort has for years been in the top of its field. In addition, the team has proven to be a breeding ground for great talents, such as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.



Body parts in the workshop of Van Amersfoort Racing



All the preparatory work has led to a large series of drawings, mainly chalk and charcoal, of which a first selection will be shown in the Rosa Spier House.



Jaap Ploos van Amstel, 'Race cars X', 2017, 35x45 cm




reopened: registration for the ploos van amstel anniversary medal by frank letterie





Following the article about this medal in the March / April issue of the magazine De Beeldenaar, of the Dutch Association for Medal Art, it has been decided to reopen the registration for the anniversary medal until April 1st 2017. When the article was published, casting had not begun yet, so given the interest a reopening was no problem.




extended: oil paint in small sizes




The exhibition 'Ploos van Amstel | olieverf in het klein' (small oilpaintings) has been extended for another week until December 24th, 2016. For information on location and opening times, visit the exhibitions page on this website.




a few words of gratitude




A few words of gratitude (in Dutch) from Jaap Ploos van Amstel: click on the image (opens in a new window or tab)




three times haarlems dagblad





No less than 3 times has Haarlems Dagblad paid tribute to the 90th birthday of Jaap Ploos van Amstel and the events surrounding it: a double page on November 3rd 2016, the day of his birthday, written by Nuel Gieles, a beautiful photo on November 14th 2016 of the presentation of his knighthood (officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau) in the Philharmonie concert hall, and a small article on November 17th 2016 about the donation of works to Teylers Museum [open images in a new window or tab]




a very special afternoon in Haarlem



The festive get-together on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Jaap Ploos van Amstel, as well as the official presentation of the book 'Ploos van Amstel - alongside the avant-garde', was absolutely unique and impressive! Nearly 200 friends, family members, colleagues, former students, came to the Philharmonie in Haarlem on November 12th 2016.


The 'formal' part of the afternoon was kept short. After a word of welcome and introduction by Gerrit Bosch, former curator of the art collection of the Province of North Holland, Ploos van Amstel spoke to those present.



Jaap Ploos van Amstel speaks in a packed Blue Hall of the Philharmonie



Should anyone still live under the assumption that being a ninety-year-old means an end to work and inspiration, they would think otherwise after this. In his speech, Ploos van Amstel made it clear that he does not intend to 'slow down'.



He also thanked the people who made the most important contributions to the creation of the book: author Jan van Adrichem, photographer Ron Droomers, of Coloron, Haarlem, and designer Annelies Mikmak, of Dharuba Vormgeving, Heino. The first official copies of the book were presented to them, accompanied by a bronze casting of the anniversary medal made by Frank Letterie.



Jaap Ploos van Amstel, author Jan van Adrichem, and photographer Ron Droomers



After this, his son Floris Ploos van Amstel offered a special gift: a loose-leaf Liber Amicorum, in two beautiful (and very heavy) boxes, with contributions, in images and words, of more than 100 friends, colleagues, former pupils and others . An impressive and moving monument to the role that Ploos van Amstel has played in their lives, education, art, and friendship.



Jaap Ploos van Amstel receives the Liber Amicorum from son Floris; Gerrit Bosch watches.



A fourth, unexpected, speaker was Jos Wienen, mayor of Haarlem. After an eloquent story about the life and work of Ploos van Amstel, he was honored to announce to the ‘birthday boy’ that it had pleased His Majesty to appoint Jaap Ploos van Amstel as Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau.



Mayor Jos Wienen and Jaap Ploos van Amstel after presenting the knighthoods regalia



For an extensive photo report of this afternoon, made by photographer Herman Zonderland, click here [ opens in new tab or window]



Jonkheer Jaap Ploos van Amstel, Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau



 'Ploos van Amstel - next to the avant-garde'
by Jan van Adrichem

Waanders Publishers, Zwolle, 2016

144 pages, with color and b / w images
bound, linen cover, 21x23 cm

ISBN 978 94 6262 107 7
Price € 24.95




birthday party and book presentation



Saturday, November 12, 2016 is the day: a festive gathering on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Jaap Ploos van Amstel and the official presentation of the book 'Ploos van Amstel - alongside the avant-garde'!





If you have not received an invitation yet, click here for the invitation in PDF format. For more information about location, accessibility, etcetera, click here for the special page

Your RSVP is appreciated.




a well-attended birthday opening at the kunstzaal van heijningen
and the delivery of the anniversary medal by frank letterie



On Saturday October 22nd 2016, the well-attended opening of the first of the series of three anniversary exhibitions took place in Kunstzaal Van Heijningen in The Hague.


This exhibition includes more than 20, often very recent, watercolours by Ploos van Amstel, and watercolours from three co-exhibitors he invited:  Pien Hazenberg, Lau Heidendael and Titus Meeuws. The exhibition will be completed with the animal sculptures by Fiona Zondervan .



an overwhelmed Jaap Ploos van Amstel and Frank Letterie (r) with the medal



A very special gift, a complete surprise for Ploos, came from sculptor and good friend Frank Letterie, who made a beautiful birthday medal, with a portrait 'en profil' of Ploos van Amstel on the front, and verso the date of Jaap's ninetieth birthday.



"Atelier east, Fourchas" - Lau Heidendael, watercolour, 67x75 cm



The exhibition at Kunstzaal Van Heijningen can still be visited until Sunday 13th of  November. For more information, see the 'exhibitions' page on this website .




the book 'ploos van amstel - alongside the avant-garde' is now being printed!



Anyone who has ever been involved in the production of a book can confirm it: the last few weeks are always hectic! But there is also great satisfaction with the result!




Everything went to the printer in time - Wilco Art Books in Amersfoort - and that is not least due to the contributions of the two sponsors of this publication:



Annelies Mikmak from Dharuba Design has created a beautiful design for the book, just as special as the 2008 publication she designed. Working with Annelies was, like the first time, fun and inspiring, and led to a book we are very proud of.


The contribution ofColoron, Ron Droomers and Dick Knuth, who took on the lion's share of the photography of the artworks, was just as wonderful. Working with these experts was perfect, just as perfect as the quality of their work.


To put it very clearly: Dharuba and Coloron are highly recommended!




call and invitation to friends, colleagues, former students and others



As mentioned earlier on this page, the ninetieth birthday of Jaap Ploos van Amstel is celebrated, with three exhibitions, a book, and a birthday party! For the birthday party that will take place in Haarlem on Saturday November 12th 2016, in the afternoon, we would like to invite you. Further details will follow, but note the date!


In addition, we would like to invite you to an artistic contribution to a loose-leaf liber amicorum, in other words folia amicorum, which will be presented to him at his birthday party. All contributions, in format 30 x 40 cm (portrait orientation), will be offered in a special cassette (see illustration); whether it is format stamp or larger, please place it in that format. If your medium is the written word, we can provide a professional print on the required format.



The design sketch for the cassete for the liber amicorum / folia amicorum.



This liber amicorum should be a surprise for Jaap, so your discretion is appreciated! Jaap is not a computer user – which is good news for both computers and Jaap - and is not aware of this post on his own website.


If you want to participate in the liber amicorum, or if you have questions about the festivities, exhibitions or book, please send an email to .




the crown year 2016



The year 2016 will be a special year for Jaap Ploos van Amstel: it is, deo volente, the year in which he hopes to celebrate his 90th birthday on November 3rd. That is of course celebrated in the traditional sense, with a party in Haarlem, but also in the form of some exhibitions, and the publication of a book.



Ploos van Amstel in his studio, accompanied by dog Laika, December 2015 (photo: Dorte Hopmans )



If you want to be kept informed of the birthday activities, or if you have any questions or suggestions on this subject, please send an email to .




the 'art and flight work' agenda 2016



We are pleased to announce a new Ploos van Amstel agenda for 2016. After the success of the 'Rare Birds' agenda last year, now a 2016 agenda has been published with the title 'Kunst- en Vliegwerk'.


This agenda contains paintings and watercolors of kites, a subject that Ploos van Amstel has been working on for years. This beautiful agenda can now be ordered for € 22.50.

Click here for more information and to order this agenda.





The agenda is now also available at Pulchri Studio and Kunstzaal Van Heijningen , both in The Hague and at Kunstcentrum Haarlem .




les halles, the belly of paris - a renewed introduction



On April 19, at the opening of the exhibition 'Drawn' in the Vishal in Haarlem, the book 'Les Halles, the belly of Paris' will be presented. This book contains drawings that Jaap Ploos van Amstel made in 1966 of les Halles, the Paris market halls, based on sketches made in the summer of 1965 and the autumn of 1966.


At the time, these drawing were exhibited at Gallery Louise Eskens in Paris, Rue Sainte-Anne, in 1968. The drawings had not been exhibited or shown since 1968.





The series of drawings can now be seen for the first time. For this special occasion, a book will be presented, in a numbered and signed edition of 75 copies. € 20, -

The drawings are illustrated with texts from 'Le Ventre de Paris' (1873) by Emile Zola.





The book is for sale during the exhibition in the Vishal (see the page exhibitions for dates and times). You can also order or reserve the book by clicking here.




the figuratives - a relay show in pulchri studio



In Pulchri Studio in The Hague from 24 January to 5 March, the relay exhibition De Figuratieven will take place : 3 exhibitions, each with 8 or 9 participating artists, each lasting 2 weeks, in the Voorhout Gallery and the two Klinkenberg galleries. The book 'De Figuratieven' was published at these exhibitions.





This edition, 60 pages, full color, 21x21 cm, contains information about and work of all 25 participating artists, and is on sale for €7.50 during and after the exhibitions at Pulchri.


This publication was made possible by the law offices of Wiersma Mensonides advocaten, Amsterdam.




(sold out) the 'weird birds' agenda 2015



In 2012, in a numbered and signed edition, the book 'Rare Vogels' (‘weird birds’) was published: a collection of Marabou drawings by Ploos van Amstel, with a story by PF Thomése.

Now many of the special drawings from 'Rare Birds' can be viewed again in the 'Rare Birds' agenda 2015! This beautiful and practical agenda can now be ordered for € 22.50. For more information about the agenda and how to order it, click here.





the artist speaks



Two openings in two days, but different: Friday, October 3 Ploos van Amstel opened the exhibition Three-part in Amsterdam, with work by Annemarie Fischer , Martie van der Loo , and Edith Sont , and on Saturday, October 4, he opened the exhibition of the Dutch Circle of Illustrators in Pulchri Studio in The Hague.


In Pulchri, Ploos van Amstel shows a series of new, very recent drawings: several former KNGF aspirant guide dogs in more and less graceful poses.



Ploos van Amstel speaks at the opening in Pulchri Studio. (photo: Floris Ploos van Amstel)



The texts (sorry, in Dutch only) that Ploos van Amstel spoke can be downloaded here: click here for the opening speech at 'Driestemmig', and click here for the opening speech at the Dutch Circle of Illustrators.




photobook 'characters'



Out now: 'Karakters' (Characters). Photographer Date van Utteren made 3 photo's of 27 artists, all members of the Dutch Drawing Circle, including Jaap Ploos van Amstel: the hand of the artist at work, the artist studio, and the artist himself. The book also contains 54 tanka's (a Japanese genre of poetry) about the creative process, written by Fredy Blom. 




Some of the photo's in this book will be shown at the exhibition 'van potlood tot iPad' in CBK Amsterdam. For more information on this beautiful book and how to order, visit the website of Date van Utteren (Dutch only).




presentation of 'rare vogels' ('weird birds')



April 28th saw see the presentation of 'Rare vogels' ('Weird birds'), as well as the opening of the show with the same name. It wasn't exactly the charm (...) of the Marabou storks that led Ploos van Amstel to spend so much time and attention on these weird birds. This interest led to more than 30 drawings and some watercolours. Leo Duppen, director of the Artcenter Haarlem, initiated the publication of these works in a book.




The title of the book is derived from a short story by Dutch writer P.F. Thomése (author of  a.o. 'Shadowchild'), written specifically for this project: a beautiful, surreal short story in which the writer, the painter and the storks, seem to meet on their common grounds, the Ripperdapark in Haarlem. The opening (and presentation) was in the capable hands of fellow Haarlem resident, author L.H. Wiener, who managed to find even more flying creatures and airborne beings in relation to the Ripperdapark.



Wiener and Ploos van Amstel, moments before Wiener delivered his speech
(photo: Leo Duppen, Kunstcentrum Haarlem)



The show at Artcenter Haarlem, April 28th - May 26th 2012 contains all drawings and watercolours. 'Rare Vogels' (48 pag., full color, soft cover) is published in a limited edition of 250 copies, numbered and signed by author and artist.  



Thomése listening to fellow writer Wiener
(photo: Leo Duppen, Kunstcentrum Haarlem)



(May 8th, 2012) The book is as good as sold out. Therefor it's not possible anymore to order a copy, neither from Artcenter Haarlem nor from Ploos van Amstel.


Click here for an article (sorry, in Dutch) in daily reginal newspaper Haarlems Dagblad (April 26th, 2012) about the book and the show, by Wilma Klaver.

Click here for an article (again: sorry, in Dutch) in the book section of daily national newspaper De Volkskrant (May 5th, 2012) about the book, by Arjan Peters, who rated the book: 




a farewell to the jeanne oosting foundation



Januari 1st 2011 Jaap Ploos van Amstel stepped down from the board of the Jeanne Oosting Foundation. Painter Jeanne Bieruma Oosting (1898 - 1994) started back in 1970, from her own private capital, the Jeanne Oosting Prize. After her death in 1994 the Jeanne Oosting Foundation was set up to continue the prize.


Ploos van Amstel got involved with the Jeanne Oosting Prize in 1990, and became a member of the board when the Foundation started, at first as Secretary and Treasurer, and from 2006 as President


As a parting gift, Ploos van Amstel was given by the Foundation funds to purchase art.



Wendelien Schönfeld -Hôtel Turgot, the vault



Ploos van Amstel chose the unique works of Wendelien Schönfeld, more specific woodcuts from her series of prints on Hôtel Turgot, the beautiful home of the Fondation Custodia , the world renowned art collection started by the late Frits Lugt.




new website, new domain



With the decision to add an English translation of the website, it was decided that it was time for a new look for Most of the information from the former website has been included and has been translated by Amanda Montalbano. We hope you enjoy the new layout!



Jasper Johns, Flag, 1955 (detail)



In addition, the Jaap Ploos van Amstel Foundation recently acquired ownership of the domain, which will soon be the home of the Dutch website.




opening of show Achter De Zuilen (Behind The Columns), Bloemendaal



photo: Floris Ploos van Amstel (c) 2009



Neighbor and friend, the acclaimed Dutch writer and AKO Award winner P.F. Thomése was kind enough to open the 'Flight and Artwork' exhibition of works by Ploos van Amstel and sculptor Joop Hollanders, held at the Behind The Pillars art gallery in Bloemendaal. For those who speak Dutch, visit his website and enjoy his prose!




exhibition and book 'Wilhelmina Monumental'



November 6th, 2009 was the opening of the exhibition 'Wilhelmina Monumental' at Museum Beelden aan Zee (Sculptures by the Sea Museum). In 1984 Ploos van Amstel was commissioned by The Hannema-Stuers Foundation to make an artist's report of the casting process of the monument for the former Queen of the Netherlands Wilhelmina in The Hague, which resulted in a series of 25 drawings. The drawings were subsequently spread over several collections. For the 'Wilhelmina Monumental' exhibition, all the drawings were reunited for the first time since their creation.





During the opening ceremony the book Monumental Wilhelmina was also presented. The book consists of 2 smaller books in one; a reprint of the book from 1987, with new pictures of the works, and a new publication containing reproductions of drawings owned by Beelden aan Zee. Published by TienStuks and is available at the museum shop of Beelden aan Zee.




gift Friends of the Gemeentemuseum Maassluis



To mark their 40th anniversary, the Association of Friends of the Gemeentemuseum Maassluis commissioned a Ploos van Amstel oil painting to be donated to the museum.



Ploos van Amstel, the painting, and museum director Marye Rijnswou, at the opening of the exhibition
photo: Jan Steehouwer (c) 2009



The official presentation of the painting, an interpretation of Maassluis' nearby canal lock, was on September 26, 2009 during the opening of a special exhibition which mainly consisted of works (portraits) that were contributed by members of the association. Click here for more information about the Gemeentemuseum Maassluis.




presentation of the book 'Ploos van Amstel'



At the July 5, 2008 opening of the exhibition 'Ploos van Amstel, an anthology of 60 years' the first copy of the book 'Ploos van Amstel' was presented to the artist by Gerrit Bosch, the curator of the art collection of the Province Noord-Holland, and the initiator of the book.



Ploos van Amstel receives the first copy from Gerrit Bosch
photo: Herman Zonderland (c) 2008



The book, written by Frans Duister and published by Waanders Publishers, contains more than 120 color reproductions of the works of Ploos van Amstel. In his acceptance speech Ploos van Amstel gave his thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in the project. A special word of thanks was given to graphic designer Annelies Mikmak, of Dharuba Design Agency, for the unique collaboration and for her tremendously valuable creative input.



Ploos van Amstel signing books alongside his son Floris Ploos van Amstel , who oversaw production of the book.
photo: Herman Zonderland (c) 2008



The opening and resentation was attended by nearly 300, and dozens of books were purchased. Almost all of these books ended up being signed by the artist himself.



Ploos van Amstel speaks a word of thanks
photo: Herman Zonderland (c) 2008



The book is available at Pulchri and Kunstzaal Van Heijningen for € 29.95 (appr. 40 US$ or 25 UK£). It is also available to order from bookshops (ISBN 97890 40084737), the SBK / Haarlem Arts Center and several local galleries, or online at




lithography workshop Obelisk (cont.)



A very good and entertaining video explaining the art of lithography, created by Lukas Jonkman, the son of Wim and Gitty Jonkman of Lithography workshop Obelisk (see further down this page).






book Henrick Ploos van Amstel & Nicolaes Heinsius



In the autumn of 2007, Dutch specialist publisher Avalon Pers published a bibliophile edition of a collection of twelve letters from Henrick Ploos van Amstel (1618-1639) to Nicolas Heinsius (1620 -1681). The letters were written in Latin, during the period of 1635-1637. The translations of the letters are written by the classicist Frank Tichelman (1924-1999).





The letters have a preface and annotation written by Hans Kristian Ploos van Amstel. The book, 32 pages, 25 x 15 cm, in a numbered edition of 150 copies, also contains a specially crafted vignette lithograph, drawn on stone by Jaap Ploos van Amstel, and printed by Wim Jonkman of Steendrukkerij Obelisk.



The book, while supplies last, can be ordered for € 20.00. Contact Hans Kristian Ploos van Amstel via e-mail:




lithography workshop Obelisk



At the opening of an exhibition in August 2006 in Bloemendaal, Jaap Ploos van Amstel was invited by one of the exhibitors and his wife, Gitty Jonkman and Wim, to come and stay with them for a while in the Groningen countryside.



Ploos van Amstel and Wim Jonkman at work



This invitation was not just a social call, but an invitation to work with one of the best lithographers of the Netherlands, Wim Jonkman. Jonkman, who in his first years at the academy had had lessons from Ploos van Amstel, has accomplished an unique position with regard to his artistic and technical skills in the craft of lithography.



lithographs by Wim Jonkman



Prior to the visit, Ploos van Amstel prepared several series of sketches on selected topics that might lend itself to be drawn on a stone. Jonkman had prepared 3 stones for Ploos van Amstel to work on, but after that the battle was for Ploos van Amstel to fight: fight because he was not very accustomed anymore to this medium. The first 2 stones worked out well, but then, as he put it, managed to "professionally waste" a perfectly good stone. Jonkman subsequently prepared this stone again, after which a limited number of prints were made from all 3 stones.



Wim and Gitty Jonkman



In an article about Austrian artist Kokoschka for the magazine Kunstbeeld, Ploos van Amstel said: "Of course the principles can be acquired by any professional, but at a higher level it's the artistic quality and personal vision of the maker that make the difference." That is more than obvious in the case of Jonkman whose personal insight and artistic skills combined with innovative drive and internationally recognized expertise, led him to the European top in his field.



Ploos van Amstel with the first copy of the third print



Part of the results of this fruitful collaboration can be found on the 'prints' page of this website. Wim and Gitty Jonkman aim for more collaborations in the future, to establish a kind of 'artist in residence' program. For more information visit the website of Obelisk.


Steendrukkerij Obelisk, Wim and Gitty Jonkman
Hefswalsterweg 12, 9982 TR  Uithuizermeeden, the Netherlands
Tel. +31 - 595 - 413526




Quote Magazine and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam



With the slogan "Vriendjes worden?" ("Wanna be friends?"), the world famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and Dutch magazine Quote, famous and infamous for their annual Dutch richlist, joined forces by publishing a special edition of the magazine entitled "the Quote 250 of Richest Dutchmen in the Golden Century", aimed at recruiting new members for the Friends of the Rijksmuseum.



The wedding of Adriaen Ploos van Amstel and Agnes van Bijler, 1616, by Willem Cornelisz. Duyster
Collection Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam



This unique magazine was presented October 18, 2006, in a very special setting: the Rijksmuseum, home of Rembrandt's 'Nightwatch'. In an article in the magazine, Jaap Ploos van Amstel, being the descendant of the nr 232 of the list Adriaan Ploos van Amstel, is interviewed, as well as portrayed by renowned photographer Martijn Steiner Lovisa.



photo: Martijn Steiner Lovisa / Quote (c) 2006




VPRO Radio 'the evenings' (de avonden)



VPRO Radio's cultural show 'the evenings' (de avonden), that aired on May 23 2006, focused on the demolition of the so called Raaks complex in Haarlem. This controversial demolition of the Raaks complex, a collection of 19th century buildings including a high school and a church, was looked at following a series of more or less topographical drawings by Ploos van Amstel.


the void between the church and the high school, both of which were demolished soon after the drawing was made by Ploos van Amstel



In the series 'Brick by brick' (steen voor steen) documentary maker Marten Minkema visited the Raaks complex with Ploos van Amstel, discussing the demolition and the value of the buildings there. Together they also visited the Archives of the Province of North-Holland, where they met with archivarian Alexander de Bruin and discussed the importance of the artistic vision on urban building history.



the remains of the parking garage at the Raaks complex (photo VPRO website De Avonden)



De Avonden - VPRO Radio; Steen Voor Steen, Marten Minkema; May 23 2006
This part of the broadcast (22 MB, 24 minutes - in Dutch) can be downloaded here in mp3 format.