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fotoboek 'karakters'



Newly published: 'Karakters' (Characters). Photographer Date van Utteren made 3 photo's of 27 artists, all members of the Dutch Drawing Circle, including Jaap Ploos van Amstel: the hand of the artist at work, the artist studio, and the artist himself. The book also contains 54 tanka's (a Japanese genre of poetry) about the creative process, written by Fredy Blom. 


Some of the photo's in this book will be shown at the exhibition 'van potlood tot iPad' in CBK Amsterdam. For more information on this beautiful book and how to order, visit the website of Date van Utteren (Dutch only).



presentation of 'rare vogels' ('weird birds')



April 28th saw see the presentation of 'Rare vogels' ('Weird birds'), as well as the opening of the show with the same name. It wasn't exactly the charm (...) of the Marabou storks that led Ploos van Amstel to spend so much time and attention on these weird birds. This interest led to more than 30 drawings and some watercolours. Leo Duppen, director of the Artcenter Haarlem, initiated the publication of these works in a book.

The title of the book is derived from a short story by Dutch writer P.F. Thomése (author of  a.o. 'Shadowchild'), written specifically for this project: a beautiful, surreal short story in which the writer, the painter and the storks, seem to meet on their common grounds, the Ripperdapark in Haarlem. The opening (and presentation) was in the capable hands of fellow Haarlem resident, author L.H. Wiener, who managed to find even more flying creatures and airborne beings in relation to the Ripperdapark.

Wiener and Ploos van Amstel, moments before Wiener delivered his speech
(photo: Leo Duppen, Kunstcentrum Haarlem)

The show at Artcenter Haarlem, April 28th - May 26th 2012 contains all drawings and watercolours. 'Rare Vogels' (48 pag., full color, soft cover) is published in a limited edition of 250 copies, numbered and signed by author and artist.  

Thomése listening to fellow writer Wiener
(photo: Leo Duppen, Kunstcentrum Haarlem)

(May 8th, 2012) The book is as good as sold out. Therefor it's not possible anymore to order a copy, neither from Artcenter Haarlem nor from Ploos van Amstel.

Click here for an article (sorry, in Dutch) in daily reginal newspaper Haarlems Dagblad (April 26th, 2012) about the book and the show, by Wilma Klaver.

Click here for an article(again: sorry, in Dutch) in the book section of daily national newspaper De Volkskrant (May 5th, 2012) about the book, by Arjan Peters, who rated the book: 



a farewell to the jeanne oosting foundation



Januari 1st 2011 Jaap Ploos van Amstel stepped down from the board of the Jeanne Oosting Foundation. Painter Jeanne Bieruma Oosting (1898 - 1994) started back in 1970, from her own private capital, the Jeanne Oosting Prize. After her death in 1994 the Jeanne Oosting Foundation was set up to continue the prize.

Ploos van Amstel got involved with the Jeanne Oosting Prize in 1990, and became a member of the board when the Foundation started, at first as Secretary and Treasurer, and from 2006 as President

As a parting gift, Ploos van Amstel was given by the Foundation funds to purchase art.

Wendelien Schönfeld - Hôtel Turgot, the vault

Ploos van Amstel chose the unique works of Wendelien Schönfeld, more specific woodcuts from her series of prints on Hôtel Turgot, the beautiful home of the Fondation Custodia , the world renowned art collection started by the late Frits Lugt.



new website, new domain



With the decision to add an English translation of the website, it was decided that it was time for a new look for Most of the information from the former website has been included and has been translated by Amanda Montalbano. We hope you enjoy the new layout!

Jasper Johns, Flag, 1955 (detail)

In addition, the Jaap Ploos van Amstel Foundation recently acquired ownership of the domain, which will soon be the home of the Dutch website.



opening of show Achter De Zuilen (Behind The Pillars), Bloemendaal



photo: Floris Ploos van Amstel (c) 2009

Neighbor and friend, the acclaimed Dutch writer and AKO Award winner P.F. Thomése was kind enough to open the 'Flight and Artwork' exhibition of works by Ploos van Amstel and sculptor Joop Hollanders, held at the Behind The Pillars art gallery in Bloemendaal. For those who speak Dutch, visit his website and enjoy his prose!



exhibition and book 'Wilhelmina Monumental'



November 6, 2009 was the opening of the exhibition 'Wilhelmina Monumental' at Museum Beelden aan Zee (Sculptures at the Sea Museum). In 1984 Ploos van Amstel was commissioned by The Hannema-Stuers Foundation to make an artist's report of the casting process of the monument Wilhelmina in The Hague, which resulted in a series of 25 drawings. The drawings were subsequently spread over several collections. For the 'Wilhelmina Monumental' exhibition, all the drawings were reunited for the first time since their creation.

During the opening ceremony the book Monumental Wilhelmina was also presented. The book consists of 2 smaller books in one; a reprint of the book from 1987, with new pictures of the works, and a new publication containing reproductions of drawings owned by Beelden aan Zee. Published by TienStuks and is available at the museum shop of Beelden aan Zee.



gift Friends of the Gemeentemuseum Maassluis



To mark their 40th anniversary, the Association of Friends of the Gemeentemuseum Maassluis commissioned a Ploos van Amstel oil painting to be donated to the museum.

Ploos van Amstel, the painting, and museum director Marye Rijnswou, at the opening of the exhibition
photo: Jan Steehouwer (c) 2009

The official presentation of the painting, an interpretation of Massluis' nearby canal lock, was on September 26, 2009 during the opening of a special exhibition which mainly consisted of works (portraits) that were contributed by members of the association. Click here for more information about the Gemeentemuseum Maassluis.



presentation of the book 'Ploos van Amstel'



At the July 5, 2008 opening of the exhibition 'Ploos van Amstel, a survey of 60 years' the first copy of the book 'Ploos van Amstel' was presented to the artist by Gerrit Bosch, the curator of the art collection of the Province Noord-Holland, and the initiator of the book.

Ploos van Amstel receives the first copy from the hands of Gerrit Bosch
photo: Herman Zonderland (c) 2008

The book, written by Frans Duister and published by Waanders Publishers, contains more than 120 color reproductions of the works of Ploos van Amstel. In his acceptance speech Ploos van Amstel gave his thanks and appreciation to everyone involved in the project. A special word of thanks was given to graphic designer Annelies Mikmak, of Dharuba Design Agency, for the unique collaboration and for her tremendously valuable creative input.

Ploos van Amstel signing books alongside his son Floris Ploos van Amstel , who oversaw production of the book.
photo: Herman Zonderland (c) 2008

The opening and resentation was attended by nearly 300, and dozens of books were purchased. Almost all of these books ended up being signed by the artist himself.

Ploos van Amstel speaks a word of thanks
photo: Herman Zonderland (c) 2008

The book is available at Pulchri and Kunstzaal Van Heijningen for € 29.95 (appr. 40 US$ or 25 UK£). It is also available to order from bookshops (ISBN 97890 40084737), the SBK / Haarlem Arts Center and several local galleries, or online at



lithography workshop Obelisk (cont.)



A very good and entertaining video explaining the art of lithography, created by Lukas Jonkman, the son of Wim and Gitty Jonkman of Lithography workshop Obelisk (see further down this page).




book Henrick Ploos van Amstel & Nicolaes Heinsius



In the autumn of 2007, Dutch specialist publisher Avalon Pers published a bibliophile edition of a collection of twelve letters from Henrick Ploos van Amstel (1618-1639) to Nicolas Heinsius (1620 -1681). The letters were written in Latin, during the period of 1635-1637. The translations of the letters are written by the classicist Frank Tichelman (1924-1999).

The letters have a preface and notes written by Hans Kristian Ploos van Amstel. The book, 32 pages, 25 x 15 cm, in a numbered edition of 150 copies, also contains a specially crafted vignette lithograph, drawn on stone by Jaap Ploos van Amstel, and printed by Wim Jonkman of Steendrukkerij Obelisk.

The book, while supplies last, can be ordered for € 20.00. Contact Hans Kristian Ploos van Amstel via e-mail:



lithography workshop Obelisk



At the opening of an exhibition in August 2006 in Bloemendaal, Jaap Ploos van Amstel was invited by one of the exhibitors and his wife, Gitty Jonkman and Wim, to come and stay with them for a while in the Groningen countryside.

Ploos van Amstel en Wim Jonkman in de drukkerij

This invitation was not just a social call, but an invitation to work with one of the best lithographers of the Netherlands, Wim Jonkman. Jonkman, who in his first years at the academy had had lessons from Ploos van Amstel, has accomplished an unique position with regard to his artistic and technical skills in the craft of lithography.

litho's by Wim Jonkman
website of Obelisk

Prior to the visit, Ploos van Amstel prepared several series of sketches on selected topics that might lend itself to be drawn on a stone. Jonkman had prepared 3 stones for Ploos van Amstel to work on, but after that the battle was for Ploos van Amstel to fight: fight because he was not very accustomed anymore to this medium. The first 2 stones worked out well, but then, as he put it, managed to "professionally waste" a perfectly good stone. Jonkman subsequently prepared this stone again, after which a limited number of prints were made from all 3 stones.

Wim and Gitty Jonkman

In an article about Austrian artist Kokoschka for the magazine Kunstbeeld, Ploos van Amstel said: "Of course the principles can be acquired by any professional, but at a higher level it's the artistic quality and personal vision of the maker that make the difference." That is more than obvious in the case of Jonkman whose personal insight and artistic skills combined with innovative drive and internationally recognized expertise, led him to the European top in his field.

Ploos van Amstel with the first copy of the third print

Part of the results of this fruitful collaboration can be found on the 'prints' page of this website. Wim and Gitty Jonkman aim for more collaborations in the future, to establish a kind of 'artist in residence' program. For more information visit the website of Obelisk.

Steendrukkerij Obelisk, Wim and Gitty Jonkman
Hefswalsterweg 12, 9982 TR  Uithuizermeeden, the Netherlands
Tel. +31 - 595 - 413526



Quote Magazine and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam



With the slogan "Vriendjes worden?" ("Wanna be friends?"), the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and Dutch magazine Quote, famous and infamous for their annual Dutch richlist, joined forces by publishing a special edition of the magazine entitled "the Quote 250 of Richest Dutchmen in the Golden Century", aimed at recruiting new members for the Friends of the Rijksmuseum.

The wedding of Adriaen Ploos van Amstel and Agnes van Bijler, 1616, by Willem Cornelisz. Duyster
Collection Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

This unique magazine was presented October 18, 2006, in a very special setting: the Rijksmuseum, home of Rembrandt's 'Nightwatch'. In an article in the magazine, Jaap Ploos van Amstel, being the descendant of the nr 232 of the list Adriaan Ploos van Amstel, is interviewed, as well as portrayed by renowned photographer Martijn Steiner Lovisa.

photo: Martijn Steiner Lovisa / Quote (c) 2006



VPRO Radio 'the evenings' (de avonden)



VPRO Radio's cultural show 'the evenings' (de avonden), that aired on May 23 2006, focused on the demolition of the so called Raaks complex in Haarlem. This controversial demolition of the Raaks complex, a collection of 19th century buildings including a high school and a church, was looked at following a series of more or less topographical drawings by Ploos van Amstel.

the void between the church and the high school, both of which were demolished soon after the drawing was made by Ploos van Amstel

In the series 'Brick by brick' (steen voor steen) documentary maker Marten Minkema visited the Raaks complex with Ploos van Amstel, discussing the demolition and the value of the buildings there. Together they also visited the Archives of the Province of North-Holland, where they met with archivarian Alexander de Bruin and discussed the importance of the artistic vision on urban building history.

the remains of the parking garage at the Raaks complex (photo VPRO website De Avonden)

De Avonden - VPRO Radio; Steen Voor Steen, Marten Minkema; May 23 2006
This part of the broadcast (22 MB, 24 minutes - in Dutch) can be downloaded here in mp3 format.

click here for the english version

(c) ploos van amstel